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Friday, March 21, 2014


For much of Wesley's history the spouses of the senior pastor were obscured in the customs of the day.  Through the 1970's it was customary for a married woman to be referred to only in light of her relationship as a wife.  Thus she was "Mrs. John Doe" and her first name often lost.

As customs changed the church now has also seen the addition of the clergy husband.  Some of the same issues may be found in attempting to adapt to this changing clergy spouse profile. 

Some records (conference, census newspaper, and church) simply cannot supply the names of the person who shared their live with the clergy of Wesley.  Here, however, are some of the names discovered.  They may be incorrect in spelling and other factors, but this is the best available at this time.  Please leave a comment if you have corrections or additions.

  1. 1910/11 - Frank A. Colwell (1860-1937); Mary
  2. 1911/12 - Dr. Harry Claude Case (1873-1921)
  3. 1912/13-  Samuel E. Betts - Emma C.
  4. 1913 - Thomas Pingry (1848 - 1916) ; Nancy
  5. 1914-  E.R. Houck ; Ruth, son Matthew
  6. 1915/17 - John W. Cater
  7. 1916/18- C.C. Smith (Charles Clark?)
  8. 1919/22 - Dean C. Dutton (1871-1954); Katherine Burg; children: Helen and Adena
  9. 1923- J.C. Waldron
  10. 1924- Glenn A. Baldwin (or J.A.)
  11. 1925/28- E.V. (Edgar V.) Dubois; Gertrude P.; children: Robert K.
  12. 1925/28- Dr. William Forney Hovis; Aimee A. Parry; children, Wm F. and Keith
  13. 1929/32 - George H. Zentz; Ethel G.; children: Nellie, Franklin, George
  14. 1933/34- A.G. (Aaron G.) Williamson; Denice Anna
  15. 1935/36- Matthew L. Simpson
  16. 1937/41- Hugh B. Fouke ; Ruth
  17. 1941/43 - James A. Leach
  18. 1943/56- Nuell Crain ( - 1997); Catherine
  19. 1956/58 - John R. Webb (1906-1974) ; Marguerite K.; children: Robert, Margaret
  20. 1958/63- Earl S. Walker ; Doris
  21. 1963/64- Dr. Jack S. Wilkes (1917-  ) ; Annette
  22. 1964/67 - Charles R.Thigpen (1913-1967); Mary E.
  23. 1967-  Fisher Blanton (  );  Mary Ellen Bell
  24. 1974/77- Lonzo Battles (1922-2009) ; Barbara Nell Amdall
  25. 1977/81- J.C. (James C.) Curry Jr. (1926-2009)
  26. 1981/95- Robert L. Allen (1946-2004); Madalyn
  27. 1996/02- John T. Ogden (1935-2004) ; Jane
  28. 2002/06- T. Scott Keneda ; Angie
  29. 2007 - Bishop Bennie Warner
  30. 2007/13 - Diana Cox-Crawford (First female senior pastor); Bob
  31. 2013 - Dr. Marvin J. Hudson ; Marilyn A.

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