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Thursday, January 30, 2014

WESLEY AUTHORS : a Work in Process

The Authors of Wesley

While not all of the writers of Wesley wrote in religious or inspiration fields they all reflect the openness and understanding that people are gifted in many ways to enhance and enrich life.   As a result, the authors of Wesley range from arcane academic subjects to practical science and fiction. They include works by members and by pastors associated with Wesley.  A list of some of these individuals include:

Thomas F. Piece (poet), a member of the 2-in1 Class; several poems in their class history files.

Dr. James W. Baker, retired Minister and Church administrator, wrote Jesus the Living Way to a Living God (OCU Press, 1938).

Judge John Embry, at age 80 wrote a book published The Namic Philosophy: A Philosophy of Reality and Religion (Philosophical Library, 1952) .

Dr. N.L. George, authored five textbooks and more than 60 magazine articles in the field of educational administration.

 Mrs. W.J. Cowgill, was best known for her history stories with her poetry. A Member of several writing groups and the Oklahoma History Society.

 Dr. C. O. Epley, wrote My Life as a Physician.

 Dr. Earl McBride, wrote The History of the Crippled Children’s’ Society of Oklahoma.

 Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn, with I.M. Holcomb, wrote the first major history of Oklahoma ( a 6 volume work) A Standard History of OKLAHOMA. An Authentic Narrative of its Developments from the Date of the First European Exploration down to the Present Time, including Accounts of the Indian Tribes, both Civilized and Wild, of the Cattle Range, of the Land Openings and the Achievements of the most Recent Period. (The American Historical Society, Chicago and New York, 1916).

 Marion Knapp Hurst (Mrs. Irvin Hurst) wrote The 1-2-3 of Homemaking (Prentice Hall, 1946), Household Employment Handbook (Dewey, 1939).

Dr. Dean C. Dutton, authored several books including  The Beautiful Ministry of Womanhood: A Survey of Opportunities for Ministries of Kindness for Christian Womanhood, Including Social Service Circle Programs (shows him as author of "The Great Life" Library).  The booklet was published by The Great Life Publishing Company, 321 N. Chelsea, Kansas City, Missouri. In 1931 he published Quests and Conquests ( (The Life Service Publishing Company).

Dr. William Forney Hovis, Quality Folks: Practical Meditations (Cincinnati: Jennings and Graham, 1908).

My Words: As Reported by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul. (Cincinnati: Jennings and Graham, 1911).

Heart Sonnets. (Boston: R.G. Badger, The Gorham Press, 1913).  Poetic Sermons. (NY: Revell, 1932). Consolation. (Indianapolis: Cornelius, 1935).  Sin and Salvation: A Study in Origins. (Nashville: Tidings, 1954).  A periodical in the 1930's called, The Reveille.
Dr. Robert L. Allen, The Use of Television in Wesley United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as an alternative to Current Religious Programming. Dissertation. (Drew University, 1983); The Greatest Passages of the Bible: 20 sermons on God’s Most Important messages. (CSS, 1990);  All About Eve (CSS, 2001)

David R. McKown, wrote David Ross McKown in Restrospect and The Dean (life story of Julian C. Monnet).

Rev. Willis H. German, wrote a book of poems called Reflections (1982).

Note: Additional information as to printed titles, publishers, etc. welcome.  Also, copies of these books are sought for the archive collection of historic books related to Wesley.

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