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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mystery Man: Dr. Dean C. Dutton

A framed photo in the Wesley Boutique had long entranced customers and church workers had long speculated about the identity of the distinguished man.  Legend said it was a past pastor but was that factual?  The frame was the wooden stand type with tilting photo frame, nicely guilded in a silver and gold trim.  On the back was a label reading "McEwen-Halliburon, Picture Department, Oklahoma City." This last clue identified a local department store that had once had several hyphenated partnerships and would be helpful to date the frame.
The reverse of the photo has writing "1165-7x9 Gold" that clearly must refer to the style of the frame and the size and the inventory number used to reorder such items.  Beneath that was written in pencil "TR Cook 1322 1/2 Rob   Chg".  Another notation said "send folder."  Was this then "TR Cook"?  Was it not a pastor of Wesley?  Or, had a TR Cook merely ordered the frame and photo?

Carefully, the frame backing was removed to reveal the letter with a postscript dated March 20, 1984. The letter said: " This was given to me by someone who thought this was a photo of former pastor - Dr. Dutton - But I cannot say that it really is -  Therefore, I leave with ones at the church so see what may be learned regarding who it may ne.  And if connected in any way with Wesley Church may be nice to leave there with which I prefer to do.  It came to me from the Dr. William Flesher home -after all of them were deceased. Bess A-kins (?) 1501 Barclay Rd, 751-6764"  Below this another notation in a different hand: "Hazel Hornung says this is Dean C. Dutton. March 20, 1984."
With this identification of the man as Dr. Dutton verification could proceed to determine was this really Dr. Dutton?  A photo of the man at an earlier age seems to reinforce the identification (see below).

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