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Sunday, May 31, 2015


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DIE (Abingdon,2004)  : A Compilation of Survey Comments from a Previous Strategic Effort at Wesley
Survey results are from a 2004-2007 Wesley Book Study led by then Assistant Pastor, Rev. Phil Davis.    The book when published in 2004 was described as a “moving testimony to how a church can experience rebirth by discerning its core mission. “    The publisher description goes on to say “The key to becoming a Spirit-energized, people-loving, life-giving, community-transforming congregation, says [author] James A. Harnish, is really very simple. All you have to do is be willing to die. This book describes how God calls each congregation to a specific mission, how God grants discernment to understand what that mission is, and how God enables the congregation to die to its entrenched attitudes and behaviors in order to be resurrected to a new life of ministry and witness.”

Surveys reflected three group or classes (Group C, 2, PD) studied the book over an 8 week period.  Each meeting included a meal with devotional and then discussion of the book. Here is a compilation of the participant responses in the three categories related to the topic and sessions.

What Was Learned
What Would You Change
What Do You Look Forward To Seeing At Wesley in the Future?
How to talk in a group
Our group was great
We are a church with many people interested in Wesley’s future
It’s possible to move  a church
It’s possible to turn a church around
Possible to turn a church around
Wesley has people interested in its survival
(Group C)
Time for a change at Wesley
A lot of things
How we can help the church
To appreciate/get acquainted with people I did not know
How similar people in church are
Importance of taking focus of what church can do
Asking “What can I do for the church?”
More about what I believe
Personalities of church members
(Group PD)
There is hope for Wesley
There is hope for Wesley
There is hope for Wesley
We are doing a lot right
A new beginning
Always be aware of the danger of church death
Willingness to change
We can change
There is more potential
(Group 5)
About neighbors and how they feel
Group was unclear about the church
We have work to do
Have strengths but need to work on our weaknesses
Try to get word out to bring in new people
That problems can be solved
Things are really pretty good!
That our congregation thinks everything is okay. I think they are beginning to explore other needs.
(Group 2)
More in classes
Repeat every 6 mo. With new people
Move to action
Longer class sessions!
More times for lessons
Invite more people to church
Train people on change
Sing @ week
(Group C)
Not spend so much time on the “church statement”
Put plan into action while doing this (study)
More about what other classes discussed
More time discussing the book
Personal share time
(Group PD)
Perhaps hold class at different time of year (Ap/My so busy)
People bring ideas
Involve more people
More emphasis on Jesus and Holy Spirit
Maintain effort in same direction
Pray more
Try to be more persuasive in my beliefs
Be more inviting as a person
Not pass judgment so fast on new ideas
(Group 5)
Serve more coffee at all sessions
Rotate teachers; some do not seem to see any problems
ID problems early on
Serve coffee at every session
(Group 2)
More people need to attend his study
Passion for our mission
More prayers
Increase in membership
Increase in worship
A mix of trad./history and contemporary
Leave our youth with legacy of keeping this church alive and vital in years to come
More young members
More variation in worship & changes
All the new ideas people will come up with
Revivals; outreach
More drama/movement in worship
(Group C)
Change = Move into community
Growth =
Have visitor table staffed by knowledgeable church members
More people
More activities
More people in church
More attendance
More focused goals
More energy to try new things
Members & staff open to change & listening to people’s ideas
More time for worship
More community outreach
(Group PD)
Spiritual revival of congregation
Indebtedness as plans are carried out (gym)
Walk to Emmaus involvement
Adopt mission statement and bringing people in
Grow youth program
Spiritual growth and bringing people in
To have a revival
To be passionate
To see growth
Incorporate neighborhood into Wesley
More spiritual growth
(Group 5)
Laughter and joy
Mission and outreach
Vietnamese minister
More diverse congregation
More studies and outreach
Programs and inward spiritual growth
Hope to gain new members
Increase membership
Much more of the same
More involvement in community around us
(Group 2)


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