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  • Madalyne Allen with photos by Phil Davis and Doug Hoke. These Stones Will Shout. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Wesley United Methodist Church, 1988. 100 pg., color illustrations, index. A pictorial survey of the art glass, symbols, architecture, and worship art utilized in the church.
  • H.E. Brill. Story of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: University Press, 1939. Wesley's history is by  Mrs. A.H. Tyler and is found on page 171f.
  • Leland Clegg and William B. Oden. Oklahoma Methodism in the Twentieth Century. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Conference of the Methodist Church, 1968. Sketch of Wesley OKC on page 356f and list of pastors based on conference minutes on page 425.
  • Hazel Hornung. "Wesley's History Saga of Faith and Work." North Oklahoma City UMC District history, August 11, 1975.  Was to have been Wesley's contribution to the history when published.
  • Hazel Hornung. "Our Church's Heritage." Wesley Church Newspaper. August, 1956. Two articles.
  • Hazel Hornung. "Our Church's Heritage." Wesley Church Newspaper. September, 1956. Two articles.
  • Hazel Hornung. "Our Church's Heritage." Wesley Church Newspaper. December 30, 1960. One article.
  • Hazel Hornung. "Our Church's Heritage." Wesley Church Newspaper. November and December  1970. Four articles.
  • Hazel Hornung, Ruhl Potts, and N.L. George.  The First 65 Years. (On the cover: The Dynamic History of a Forceful Church.).  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Wesley United Methodist Church, Records and History Committee, 1976.
  • Marilyn A. Hudson. in process, 2013
  • C.S. McCreight. "Brief History of Wesley Methodist Church", Sunday Bulletin, December 28, 1947. 
  • Dewey H. Neal. "Wesley's Heritage Sage of Faith and Work". Sunday Bulletin, January 1, 1961.
  • Mary Elizabeth Thigpen, unnamed condensed history of Wesley Methodist Church, 1965.
  • Mrs. A. H. Tyler,"Historical Sketch."  Dedication Program, Wesley Methodist Church, May 20-25, 1928. 16 pg., stapled. Includes program outlines for dedication services,special musical services, etc.
  • Wesley Windows. 1943. 51 pgs. , black and white illus.  A collection of poems and selected stanzas (anonymous and named poets from printed collections) for personal meditation of church members.

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Become a Friend of Wesley

A special "Friends of Wesley" group is made of individuals, organizations, and businesses who wish to support the historic preservation of the century old and historically significant Wesley Methodist Church (Wesley United Methodist Church) founded in 1910.

The inspiring windows dating to 1928 honored people significant to local Oklahoma City history but also to the history of Oklahoma Methodism.

The church founding and development was guided by lay people who were leaders in Oklahoma City development in real estate, banking, business, and education.

It stands as a rare remaining example of Methodist Churches in the English Gothic style and as work by a significant early architectural firm.

Donations may be sent to:

Church Treasurer
Wesley United Methodist Church
1401 NW 25th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma