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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Short History of the Library at Wesley


“For many years there has been a golden dream at Wesley, sometimes merely at dream stage, and again a breath of enthusiasm that actually seems to cause the walls to pulsate. A library! Wesley needs this – a room set aside for Wesley people to visit, a room with at least two long tables with chairs where members might sit and read, or copy from books too heavy to carry about. The walls should be lightly tinted with good lighting, lined with bookcases. Each case to carry a particular category: the current best sellers, poems, devotional books for one in immediate need of help when called upon to give a devotional or inspirational talk. Mystery books and Science Fiction are excellent when one has to await the outcome of a crisis, copies of the Methodist Discipline, Theological Studies, copies of different translations of the Bible, etc.

Several soft cushioned chairs should be available for comfortable seating. Often a man or woman has to wait while his or her spouse attends an important church meeting. A rack provided for the current magazines. Just a room dedicated to BOOKS, made as comfortable and attractive as your own living room.
The 1986 goal entails the purchase of excellent new books and the updating of the lending process.

The library should be made available for all people to reach easily – no long stairways to climb, but a clean, dry room where books and papers may be maintained in good useable conditions for years.

All of this will require considerable planning and even physical labor, a search for special people who really love books, acquisition of knowledge as to proper lending process and many other details.

This is only the beginning of our golden dream, but we must start somewhere!” (pg. 7)

Report was unsigned but under the nominations chart under the “Education Workarea” was listed “Library” with Neva Sikes, chair and Marie Remund and Meredith Cocklin as members of the committee. The library budget that year was $300.


In 1984, there was no report but a committee was listed, again under Education. Chairs were John Woodson and Neva Sikes, with members Marie Remund and Meredith Cocklin. They library had a budget of $300 that year.


In 1987, the co-chairs were Neva Sikes and Mary McGoodwin, again assisted by Marie Remund. The budget was $525.

“Your library committee feels that 1987 has been a successful and productive year. Library work is an ever ongoing project, so we are dreaming again.

Our needs are listed below in order of priority:

1.       Typewriter!

2.       A work space created by building a double sided shelf the height of the existing supply cabinet.*

3.       A conference table and chairs for reading, study or research.

4.       Improved lighting.

5.       Paint walls, woodwork, window sills and repair the ceiling.

6.       New draperies for the windows. We suggest the style in the hall.

7.       Three book cases.*

8.       Upholster existing sofa and chairs or replace them.

9.       Chair for typist.

10.   Carpet

An answered prayer has been the services of Mary McGoodwin. She is most dependable and proficient in all phases of library procedure.  She is co-chair-person.

We have received many good books which have been catalogued and placed on the shelves. We have been promised a great number of good, suitable books for the library.  The Library Committee has a written policy to determine which books are acceptable for a church library.

A written report for improving the library has been forwarded to the Property Committee.

We have faith that our dreams will become REALITY.

Neva Sikes


*To be built by Mr. Tom Cartmill”, Charge Conference Report, 1987  (12)


In 1988, the successful leadership of the previous year was repeated and the budget fell to $500.

“A few days ago we checked the 1987 Charge Conference booklet and found a most gratifying to see that all of the suggested needs have been supplied.

A great number of new books have been placed on the completed bookshelves, a sofa, chairs, and lamp are now available for your use.

A conference table and chairs have been in use during most of 1988.

Our own Mary McGoodwin has worked like a trouper (helped by Florence Hendricks) in securing furniture, pictures, and other ‘treasures’ to enhance the library.

A large updated unabridged dictionary has been secured and a greatly needed Concordance, presented by the Two-In-One Class, is now available for use.

We look forward to 1989, and have presented a budget to the Budget Committee for its perusal.  Among our needs:

1.       New Books

2.       Library Supplies

3.       Work Book Encyclopedia

In the Sounds of Wesley we inserted an article asking for the possible donation of the World Book Encyclopedia.  To date none has responded.  If possible and we can find a good set at a reasonable price, we would like to include that in our budget.

Our dreams have almost been realized!

Nova Sikes

Co-chairman”, Charge Conference report. 1988 [pg.10]


In 1989, same leaders and budget

“Summary of 1989 Goals:

1.       Three new bookcases

2.       Processing of Audio Visual Materials for Children’s Department

3.       Encyclopedia world Books

4.       Better Lighting for Library

Accomplishments in 1989:

1.       The new bookcases are now in use:

2.       Work on Audio Visual materials are now in process and almost completed

3.       Numerous books were purchased for members needing Large Print, both fiction and non-fiction.

4.       Many books on PRAYER and DEVOTION have been purchased and placed in a  section of a bookcase in two categories.

Dreams for the Future:

1.       Better lighting in the library

2.       Securing the Encyclopedia World Books

3.       New bookcases for the Children’s Department

Library work is a continuous undertaking. We plan to secure many carefully selected books and other necessary items for use to maintain a well organized library at Wesley.

Neva Sikes

Co-Chairperson”, Charge Conference, 1989, [pg. 17]


In 1990, Mary McGoodwin was lead chair assisted by Neva Sikes and committee member Marie Remund. $500 budget.

“Goals Accomplished in 1990:

·         Disposed of out of date audio-visual materials in the children’s dept.

·         Adult and children’s books and materials have been catalouged and processed (an on-going process)

·         Sunday School Class members are taking books to class to encourage reading and library usage.

·         The U.M.W. Reading Program has been moved into the Library. This has brought more people into the library. These books will eventually become part of the main library collection.

Suggested Goals for the New Year:

·         Continue purchasing books and materials

·         Continue processing all books and materials

·         Young children need to learn care of books

·         During National Library Week in April, bring the library to the attention of church members

·         Purchase a set of World Book Encyclopedia

·         Purchase videos for Sunday School Classes, Children’s Stories, and the seeing impaired.

Dreams for the Future:

·         Neighborhood children coming for tutoring and help with their studies.

·         Children of members of the church coming to use the library while their parents are involved in meetings

·         Members of the church using Commentaries, Bible Atlases, and other Materials in Bible Study.

·         If the Library is used in the evening better lighting will be needed.

Mary McGoodwin

Co-Chairperson.” Charge Conference report 1990 [pg.9]


In 1995, Mary McGoodwin served as chair assisted by committee members Ruby Brewer, Madeline Hamilton, Helen Murphy, Maxine Pucci, Velda Newman. Budget was $500.

“There has been a wonderful increase in library usage this year.  An average of 40 to 50 books are in circulation most of the time.

The Library Committee meets the last Friday of each month to process new books and mend books.  They have worked 100 hours this year.

The library was redecorated with new carpet, drapes, shades and valances.  A video stand was purchased.

A number of books have been donated by members.

Mary McGoodwin, Chair.” Charge Conference report, 1995, [pg. 4].


In 1998, there were no reports from many work areas but the committee was identified with Mary McGoodwin, chair, with Ruby Brewer, Helen Murphy and Velda Newman as committee members. There was no budget in the charge conference report on file.

In 1999


Katrina Unkoefeller


Marilyn A. Hudson


Marsha Keller


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