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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Historic Setting: Kamp's Grocery and Courts

In Oklahoma City, along the broad Classen Blvd. north and south of the juncture of NW 23rd and Classen are many historical gems. They hark back to days when this area was 'out in the country' and on the edge of the growing community.  They remind of heady expansion and opportunity and growth: all things well worth remembering as a new century dawns and continued renewal and rebirth occurs in its rediscovered neighborhoods and business districts.  They are examples of small businesses that succeeded and contributed to the development of the capitol city of Oklahoma.

Kamp's Grocery and Kamp's Courts - In 1910 two German immigrants discovered what was then the outskirts of Oklahoma City and settled down to establish business. Kamp Brothers Grocery at NW 25th and Classen Boulevard was well known for top quality groceries, deli, breads, and service.

In 1928, the  business name was used  in ads appearin local newspapers.  The image of the cute apartments solicited a short ride to see the area.  The urged people to come discover the cozy but green living space where every one had their own garden.   "Kamp Courtyard" advertized they were  bringing a new style of living along NW 25.  

More recently, the business transformed - and moved - to Midtown ( "Kamps1910 Cafe."; 10 N.E. 10th ).

Yet, the history lingers on along the corridor, hinting at a past worth preserving and remembering.

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  1. I may have already commented on this, but the original Kamp's moved to Bill Kamp's Meat Market at 7310 N. Western in Nichols Hills. Bill Kamp is the third generation butcher, and we are a 103 years and still going strong! The 1910 Cafe is owned by a Kamp, but it opened after we celebrated our centennial, but isn't where the original store moved. Thank you for posting this great pic and article.


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