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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Select Biographies: Rev. George H. Zentz (1873-1937)

Serving Wesley for three short years was the Rev. George H. Wentz.  He is listed on the 1930 census of Oklahoma City with a wife Ethel G., and children Nellie W., Franklin M., and George W. (Jr.).  He and his children Nellie and George were listed as being born in Missouri and one son in Massachusetts.  His wife's birthplace was listed as Kansas. At least two children attended Oklahoma City University.
In 1932, he requested permission to exchange churches and move back to Kansas.  Approval was given and the reason given was that he had achieved his purposes in building membership at Wesley and wanted to go back to northern climes.  The conference allowed the move and so he moved to Salina, Kansas and the pastor at Salina (Rev. A.G. Williamson) came to Oklahoma City. 
Formal statements of appreciation were issued from Wesley on behalf of the work done at the church by Rev. Zentz.  While in Oklahoma City he had headed the local Ministerial Alliance as well as serve the church.
About that same time his son, Franklin M. was also being assigned a probationary church in the city.
The stay in Kansas was apparently not long, because in November of 1937 he is pastor of the Joyce M.E. Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He and his wife were on their way to an event in St. Paul when they were involved in an auto accident. George was killed and his wife lingered on for a little while before succumbing to her injuries as well. Local pastor of Wesley at the time was Matthew Simpson and he announced special remembrances would be made on behalf of the couple.

See photos of a vacation to Minnesota with a Wesley Church member here.

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