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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stained Glass At Wesley

From an upcoming history of the windows:
"The stained glass in the sanctuary of Wesley Methodist Church use a combination of methods and consists of four :
(4) large "story" windows (approximately 12 x16 feet) set high in the walls of the four cardinal points of the compass (East, North, West, South). 
Below two of these large windows are set four (4) smaller and narrower "story" windows (in the North and South Transept). 
Along each of the north and south sanctuary cloisters are two  (2) sets of three (one set on the south and one set on the south ) 
(6) above them sets of common stained glass (three on each side).
The total number of stained glass panels (story and common glass) is approximately thirty (30). There are four (4) large story windows, eight (8) tall narrow story windows. Six (6) cloister story windows. Eleven (11) common (without story) glass colored windows.
 The original contract price for the windows was nearly $4,112.00. They were donated by various families to honor family members, most who were connected with Wesley.  Some reflect individuals significant to both local and denominational history. They were acquired from the Kansas City Stained Glass Works, Inc.  (514-516 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City). Their work shop was at the St. Joseph Art Glass Co., (Paul H. Wolff, president) at 806-808 North 2nd Street in St. Joseph, Missouri.  This company had produced stained glass in several Kansas City churches, homes and businesses across the country." -- Used by Permission

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A special "Friends of Wesley" group is made of individuals, organizations, and businesses who wish to support the historic preservation of the century old and historically significant Wesley Methodist Church (Wesley United Methodist Church) founded in 1910.

The inspiring windows dating to 1928 honored people significant to local Oklahoma City history but also to the history of Oklahoma Methodism.

The church founding and development was guided by lay people who were leaders in Oklahoma City development in real estate, banking, business, and education.

It stands as a rare remaining example of Methodist Churches in the English Gothic style and as work by a significant early architectural firm.

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